Our Story

TPM began its creative journey from the historic city of Lucknow. It was born out of Menal's & Mansi's sheer love for art and design. Being extremely close to their parents and childhood home in Lucknow, TPM was started to keep the "child" in them always alive, no matter their age!


With colorful and vivid illustrations and designs, TPM aims to transform everyday products into eccentric, cheerful products that keep the mirth high. With home decor, lifestyle products, and apparel, TPM is the only brand that brings a sense of joyful and expressive design to customized gifting, with a wide range of artistic products.


Our products are as alluring as the captivating chirps of a pink little bird on winter mornings! As happiness attracts happiness, the chirp of the pink little bird of our brand is the magnet that aims to not only attract but also spread the happiness of colorful art to everyone out there.


The Pink Magnet is a brand that adds quirkiness and color to everyday life through its creative and eccentric products and customized gifting sets. Additionally, under the brand name TPM, there is a Design Studio that offers a wide range of art and design services to all fields of work.


The logo of TPM signifies the captivating and high-spirited chirps of a fun, creative pink little bird that warms the hearts of everyone around. The sounds of a creative, artistic bird engage people of all ages and spread cheerfulness.